HDU - Technician and Paramedic Ambulances

Blue light HDU vehicles staffed by Paramedics or technicians available for specialist transfers such as cardiac, infant, or blue light transfers between hospitals.

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Paramedics Response for Trusts, Care Homes and Individuals

  • A&E services to support 999 operations

  • Home visits for private patients

  • Local Falls Response for St Albans and the surrounding region

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We’re the NHS ‘Go to’ for HDU

If you have a patient that requires an HDU transfer the journey is likely to fall outside of existing contracts.

You need one number to call knowing that you will be able to get an ambulance in a reasonable amount of time so the patient doesn’t loose their bed. We’re that number!


Our vision is for MET Medical to become the leading authority in private ambulance provision and pre-hospital care driven by technology, research, training and innovation.

What is the difference between paramedics?

The term Paramedic often gets used to describe any person in person in green who gets out of an ambulance, however, a Paramedic is fact a registered health care professional (like a doctor) and they are registered with the Health and Care Professions council www.hcpc-uk.org

Paramedics have a range of skills and legal permissions around the administration of strong medicines.