Beckham buys Paramedic coffee!

It was reported yesterday that David Beckham spotted a cycle response paramedic in the street treating an elderly patient and then went off to buy them coffee. We’re quite lucky in the events world as we tend to have very appreciative patients and friendly clients, but out answering 999 calls things can be different and draining at times. This is partly due to the rise in what some regard as inappropriate calls, frequent callers, call volumes generally and the overall increase in demand for quick-fix health care.

It seems gone are the days of patients spending a week under the duvet before they see their GP, instead they want a quick fix. If only dominos pizza did healthcare.

Saying thank you seems to go a long way when the person who has come to help you has spent the last 12 hours assisting those in the hour of need, all without a break of a word of encouragement and all for less that half of the salary of some of their other medical colleagues.

I think David’s act of kindness might help others appreciate the work paramedics do. Nice one David.

Dave Hawkins