Emergency Assistance for Private Clients

MET Medical provides ambulance services to a wide range of clients, however we are currently receiving high call numbers from those who have either tried to call 999 and have had a delay in getting a response due to the service being overwhelmed or wish to be transferred to a private urgent care or intensive care facility.

In terms of how MET Medical can assist we may are able to provide pre-planned transfers subject to availability to those in Hertfordshire, London and the surrounding regions. We are on occasion able to assist with more urgent cases but this depends very much on the location and the resources we have available in the area.

If you have a life-threatening emergency we advise you continue to use the 999 service. The NHS Ambulance sector are prioritising calls to ensure they reach the sickest patients in the quickest time. This however may mean that for patients who have suffered falls, or simple broken bones or have been generally unwell there may be a delay in responding. Sometimes this can be hours or more.

MET Medical advises those who have been generally unwell to see a pharmacist in the first instance or make an appointment with a GP. There are a range of NHS walk-in centres which provide same day GP appointments or Urgent Care Centres that can deal with burns, fractures and general health concerns.

To find your nearest A&E hospital, walk-in centre or Urgent Care Centre you can use the NHS tool below.


If you do require urgent private ambulance transport in and the St Albans and North London area please feel free to call our operations centre. They will take your details which will be reviewed by our team to determine whether we have a suitable resource available which we can deploy.

MET Medical provides a range of ambulance services to the events industry, private sector and range of NHS clients.

Dave Hawkins