Health stuff that’s not about events!

We like being healthy. That’s why we do what we do. There’s been some recent research which is very interesting. It’s about how and when we eat.

Recent research suggests that if we reduce the period we eat, by eating breakfast later and dinner earlier, then there will be considerable health benefits.

Lot’s of us know that bad fats also known as LDL or Low Density Lipids contribute to high cholesterol and place us at a higher risk of heart diseases. By changing the times we eat to be more in sync with the natural metabolic changes in the body considerably significant reductions is LDL can be found.

That’s not all. You can expect to loose fat without changing what you eat and your blood glucose levels improve too, which helps lower your chances of getting Type II diabetes which is associated with unhealthy eating, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. There’s lots on the internet about it and it’s worth considering. The only downside is that you have to eat your dinner earlier and you can’t consume calories afterwards, so that means no alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages other than water after 6pm!

Dave Hawkins