Last minute medical cover for events

Summer events season is now in full swing and the chances are if you are looking for event medical cover at this stage in the season its because you have been let down by a supplier.

Unfortunately, at this stage in the year the majority of reputable providers are likely to be pretty well booked up. They may have some last minute availability but generally if you want to use a solid provider then they need to be booked at the start of the year.

We have a policy to provide priority to our existing clients – that said if you are stuck we will do our utmost to assist you. We have dedicate resources allocated to events, particularly at weekends and these are finite.

We have had numerous customers come back to us who have moved elsewhere to save a few pounds and then come back, either because the medical cover failed to turn up at their event. This can cripple and even bankrupt an organisation as the event cannot take place without medical cover in place. Or perhaps the medical cover has turned up but they have been unable to provide the clinical competence to deal with what has happened. Picking a provider who is not only CQC registered but also led by a registered health care professional does give you some reassurance of certain levels of competency.

Primarily though you have to ask yourself how much is enough training to deal with what might happen at an event? We have some event organisers tell us that nothing happens at their events so they don’t need the recommended level of cover. However, we cover hundreds of events per year and see thousands of patients from those with a cut knee to having a heart attack or life threatening emergency.

Dave Hawkins