London Ambulance Service trials real-time access to patient data

Imagine this situation: your grandfather lives alone in a flat. He has a Careline button and begins to feel unwell. He presses the button and says he feels funny before passing out. Careline request a 999 ambulance and give them the access code for the property.

When the paramedics arrive they begin treating him, they look around for medications but have to use a lot of guesswork to find out what happened as Arthur is unconscious and cannot tell them what happened.

Enter the iPad! This new trial lets Paramedics have access to medical records, suddenly Steph and John the Paramedics are able to see that Arthur has a number of pre-existing medical conditions and is diabetic. They actually viewed his record on the way to the job once they were despatched. Suddenly the care they give is based on a load of history and a lot less guess work.

Find out more about this great trial taking place in London Here

Dave Hawkins