Long Distance Ambulance Service

We have become one of the leaders in providing long distance ambulance transport by road. We have carried out missions to the French Alps and Spain, for individuals who are injured all have failed ill abroad without travel insurance. We increase our crew numbers to enable non-stop journeys and also carry specialist equipment such as pressure reducing mattresses for comfort and reducing the risks of pressure sores.

We regularly carry out high dependency movements within the UK. If you need to move a family member from one end of the country to another, for example to be closer to you then we can help. We complete journeys to and from Care homes, nursing homes and hospices on a daily basis stretching the entire length of the UK.

We supply ground ambulances to insurance companies, private hospitals as well as individual clients. We have well-over 100 staff giving us the capacity to respond to urgent requests and we operate ambulance services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you would like to receive a quotation for a long distance transfer here’s what happens next…

Contact us by email or phone. Our call handlers are trained to take all the necessary details, which will then be passed immediately to a health care professional to review. They will most likely contact you to discuss the individuals medical needs and will then put together a quotation. We aim to respond to non-emergency, but urgent transfers within 10 minutes. If your request is further away, it may take us up to 24 hours to deal with it, our call handler will ask you if it is urgent.

The health care professional will establish what grade of staffing is required, depending on the patients needs. Our registered paramedics are often allocated as they are able to give a wide range of prescription only medication such as strong pain killers, however even for routine transport our staff are well-trained and all answer 999 calls so you can be rest assured you or your family are in safe hands throughout the ambulance transfer.

Dave Hawkins