Long Distance Ambulance Transfers

MET Medical have team of friendly, caring, professional and experienced paramedics making us perfectly equipped for dealing with long distance transfers of critically sick patients. We carry out transfer across the UK, Ireland and into Europe by both road ambulance and air ambulance.

We have added specialist equipment to our vehicles to improve comfort and reduce the risk of pressure sores. From our headquarters in St Albans, Hertfordshire we have direct access to the M1, A1 and M25 motorways giving us great access to London and the south of England.

We often hear about people being offered ambulances with EMTs on them who have little more training than a first aid at work course. We find that the management of these organisations are often non-clinical. This concerns us as we believe every patient should be looked after the by the right level of carer in order to deal with any deterioration which often occurs as a result of the stresses of moving.

All of our crews are highly educated and this stands us out. Our non-emergency crews are made up of qualified technicians and student paramedics who are completing a university degree program in Paramedic Science. They are supported by a team of registered health care professionals who are on call 24 hours a day, reviewing ECG results, patient vitals and providing telephone support. This has meant that often even if a stable patient is being moved from a care home to another care home for example; then they would potentially receive the same health checks that they would get from a doctor or paramedic. Our non-emergency crews have regularly spotted infections early on for example, enabling them to refer the patient to their GP for urgent antibiotics rather than them deteriorate and subsequently require hospitalisation.

Our critical care teams are made up of either registered paramedics who are experienced in transfers or a combination of paramedics, nurses and intensive care doctors or anaesthetics together with a qualified blue light driver.

Whatever the mission, whether it is moving an elderly patient from home to a care home near a family member or moving a critically ill person from an NHS hospital to a private intensive care unit, or to a specialist unit,  we are ready to assist.

Every single transfer booking is routed through our 24/7 call receiving centre before being reviewed by a registered clinician, who in consultation with our operations team will decide on the safest and most appropriate plan of movement.

To book or receive a no obligation quotation, please call us on 0203 627 9042 or contact via email.

Dave Hawkins