Long Distance Ambulance Transfers

The thought of having to move a loved one a long distance particularly if they are moving into or out of a care home or nursing home can be daunting.

MET Medical are one of the leading specialist independent ambulance services who provide long distance transfers. We regularly deal with patients who are moving around the UK usually to be closer to family.

 We also provide medical repatriation across Europe. We assist people who have either fallen ill abroad or those who have moved abroad and then have become unwell and wish to return to the UK. We provide repatriation by road ambulance, we also arrange for seated commercial airline repatriation where we will book flights and arrange for additional assistance as well as providing a nurse or paramedic escort for the journey. We also provide air ambulance flights where we will send out a medical team to pick the patient up and return them by air ambulance to the UK.

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Dave Hawkins