MET Medical – Why Choose Us?

A note from one of our Director’s:

So I was spending some time thinking about what really stands us out from the competition. MET Medical was formed by a few Medics who thought they could do a better job than many of the other event medical and private ambulance companies out there in the market place.

Our core values focus on the following:


We decided to invest heavily in order to ensure that our staff have all the necessary equipment to carry out their role to the highest possible standard. We have also invested in staff training, almost all of our staff have either A&E current experience or some kind of role in the NHS Ambulance service. This means that they are used to dealing with emergencies. In addition we provide regular event and transport specific CPD training for all our ambulance staff.


We were determined not to treat our clients or patients as numbers. This means we take extra effort in delivering quality care. Furthermore, we actually care about our patients. We often contact hospitals or family just to find out how people are doing. We provide drinks onboard our ambulances for long distance transfers and we hire happy staff who love their jobs.


We try to balance quality with value. We aren’t necessarily the cheapest ambulance provider in the UK, but we offer value for money.


We like to do things properly, from ensuring our vehicles are well maintained, staff uniformed and well-presented, to having modern back end office processes and systems to ensure we don’t forget about you and deal with everybody efficiently. We also have lots of detailed policies and operating procedures which our staff follow and we have a 24hr reception team to always answer your calls. We also have a top-level of insurance cover.


We have a family-business type ethos at MET Medical. This has led to happy team who are willing to go the extra mile. We all enjoy what we do and are passionate about caring for people in a way which brings a smile in the times of need. We pay our staff well because we care about them too.


We invite both patients and event managers to complete feedback forms online each time they use us. We keep it simple and it only takes a moment or 2 to answer the questionnaire. We listen to the feedback and occasionally tweak things, we don’t publish them on our website but each time someone sends us an enquiry, we tell them about a few recent things people have said about us.

Please contact us if you have any questions

Kind regards,


Dave Hawkins