Repatriation after skiing accidents

Picture the scene. You have just woken up at the ski chalet after a night of apres ski and decide to spend the morning on the slopes. Its the first run of the day and you take a jump a bit hard and land badly. You hear a crack and you know straight away that things aren’t good.


Luckily your ski pass covers the on site team to take you down the mountain in a sledge and provide you with immediate pain relief. You get transferred to a local on hospital and on arrival the nurses take a routine blood sample from you. Meanwhile a family member calls the emergency number on your travel insurance and plans start getting underway.


The medical assistance company tells you not to worry and requests your hospital notes from the hospital, however 6 hours later they call you with a problem. The blood results show alcohol in your blood from the night before and you weren’t aware that in the small print your policy is void if you are intoxicated. You are aware of mounting hospital bills and you need to get home.


Call us and we will assist. We have road ambulances and also charter air ambulances from one of our partners, we don’t own one as we know that we are able to offer much better value by chartering the most appropriate aircraft for the journey.

Dave Hawkins