Support for NHS winter pressures

The temperature is already starting to fall after a relatively warm summer and this is already affecting A&E departments becoming overcrowded and affecting handover times.

MET Medical works with both NHS ambulance trusts to provide extra support during winter pressures by providing the following services:

Patient Transport to improve patient flow and increase number of discharges

Adhoc flexible services and contracted guaranteed services. Pay for a certain amount of cover and then use our adhoc over flow service to deal with the peaks and troughs for maximum value for money.

Our HDU/Tech and Paramedic crews are available to transport sick patients between hospital as beds become available for specialist care. We are responsive and able to provide last minute assistance reducing the risk of loosing a bed.

We have 4-wheel drive cars which can be crewed by either ECAs for discharging patients during adverse weather, or by a paramedics or technician to provide additional support to trusts responding to 999 calls.If you require any further information please contact our corporate team who will be able to assist you with any procurement requirements.

Dave Hawkins