We do International Repatriations!

International Repatriation by road or air ambulance:

So you have had an accident on holiday or business and you aren’t covered by insurance so need to hire someone to bring you or a family member home. We know what its like when you have been stuck in a foreign hospital for days or weeks on end. It can be stressful and scary.

We are committed to responding quickly to calls for repatriation. We offer our services to private individuals and insurance companies. One the treating hospital has decided that you are fit to fly our team get to work. We plan the logistics and can offer transport by air, or road where appropriate.

A clinician will discuss the needs for the journey with you and the treating hospital. We have access to interpreters who are multi-lingual and have medical expertise in order to ensure we can communicate with doctors and nurses who do not speak English.

Once your transport is booked we will arrange a door to door service either from a hospital abroad to a UK hospital or to home. Road ambulances can be used for short trips such as from France and we have access to a fleet of private jets which are specially adapted with stretcher facilities.

Once you arrive in the UK the aircraft will be met my one of our own land ambulances to carry you to hospital or home. We are also able to transport travel companions.

We know you want to get home as quickly as possible and are ready to mobilise at very short notice.

For more information please call us on 0203 627 9042

Dave Hawkins