Why choose MET?

I often think about what is going through people’s minds as they consider a medical provider for their events.

Gone are the days where organisers get 3 quotes and go with the cheapest. The quality and provision varies so much and choosing the right contractor is vital to the safety of your event is something goes seriously wrong but also improves the experience for visitors and participants when things go right.

High risk sporting events tend to be outside the remit of most of the voluntary providers as well as many private ambulance firms, despite what you might be told, as it really requires specialist training and experience.

The unique thing about MET is that we have chosen to provide a high quality and skill level of staffing which stands us out in the industry and sets us apart from the voluntary providers. The minimum standard for a medic or first aider is a course which lasts around 2 days, something which we feel is inadequate to be able to distinguish between potentially serious and routine illnesses and ailments.

For that reason almost every member of our team has a background which has involved responding to 999 calls or working in an Accident & Emergency department. We encourage all of our Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors to continue to have roles in the NHS whether they full time or part-time in order to maintain a full mix of skills.

The second thing which sets us apart from every other private ambulance provider is that WE KNOW EVENTS.

Whether you are having a few hundred attending or tens of thousands, the law is clear: you must have a dedicated experienced medical provider contracted in. We are used to providing medical services at high risk events, we know what injuries to expect and as per the recent article in Stand Out Magazine, we always plan for the worst and hope for the best. We take major incident planning very seriously, we know that event a few people gathered in one place has the potential to become a major incident when something goes wrong.

So whether you are putting on a festival, conference, outside event, equine, motocross or racing; speak to us, speak to others and I hope you will want to come back and entrust the safety of your event to us.

For more information about event medical requirements check out the official industry guide www.thepurpleguide.co.uk

Dave Hawkins