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Motocross and Extreme Sport Medical Cover

We supply Paramedics, 4×4’s, ambulances and crew for all kinds of events across the entire UK. Our clients include motocross series, events on water, triathlons, and all sorts of large crowd events.

Our staff are professional and all have recent 999 experience.

We also have experience of providing medical support in both mountain rescue and offshore environments.

“We’ve used lots of different medical companies over the years. Since finding MET Medical we only need to use one. If MET Medical ever stopped providing us with medical cover, we would certainly consider closing down our event. Having MET Medical means I know the riders are in the best hands.”

medical cover for equestrian


We provide provide flexible medical cover for all sizes of events from small corporate events and town fairs all the way up to stadium or large crowd events.


Festival Medical Cover

We cover festivals of all sizes. Click to find out more about of festival cover.


How many Paramedics or first aiders do I need for my event?

The amount of medical cover you require depends on the risk assessment carried out together with any regulations which apply.

For large outdoor events the industry guidance which was produced by the Events Industry Forum has become a key document has become accepted best practice. All licensing authorities expect event organisers to follow the Purple Guide.

Most sporting governing bodies issue their own regulations on minimum levels of cover for sporting events.

Do I need even need professional first aid cover, I’ve done a first aid?

The Health & Safety Executive state that you should have plans in place to deal with health and safety incidents and other emergencies which may occur at an event.

As well as workers, HSE strongly recommends that you include the visiting public in your first-aid, medical and ambulance needs assessment. 

For more information about legislation, visit the HSE website

Why Choose MET Medical?

  • We care about patients

  • We love events

  • We’re passionate about client service

  • We are experienced